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miércoles, diciembre 03, 2008 |

We break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring ramblings aimed at all audiences. I just want to hear a few comments from the outside world.

During the last months, I have watched in horror as the options for getting legal, quality films in my country (Venezuela) are getting fewer and fewer. Bootlegging is a serious thing down here, and nobody seems to really care. The number of Blockbuster stores in Caracas has, in less than a month, went from twelve to five. I'm expecting the one closest to my house to come next. Recently, the closest thing I had to Netflix also had to shut down —not enough sales and, what's worse, no distributors. On the other hand, you can go anywhere —freaking anywhere—and see bootlegs sold on every corner. Call me a stubborn purist but I have vowed to never buy a bootleg DVD in my life so help me God.

Which is why I turn to the U.S. and feel a pang of envy. Arthouse cinema, DVD stores, Netflix, iTunes rentals… I feel it's the friggin' movie lover's paradise. Mopvie piracy is a problem, but what with everything going on politically and people having, you know, real things to worry about, I doubt very much it's something to be solved in the short term.

I would just like to ask you guys abroad: are you really able to stick to rentals to watch the movies you like (when they've finished their run in theaters), or are truly torrents and the like the way to go? Do you really fear the MPAA boogey-man? Must I accept the fact that I am doomed to never enjoy a movie in the comfort of my bed, to be replaced by a small screen, shitty speakers and a possible guilty conscience?

Mientras tanto, en Internet...

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